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Anyone who knows me, like at all, knows that I have a deep and everlasting love for the one and only Victoria Beckham. I’ve loved her since the Wannabe days, and in a strange way, I feel like we’ve grown together… (as a young child I dreamt of being a famous pop star – naturally, I cannot sing, so this was dead in the water right off the bat), and as I’ve grown up, my dreams have redirected themselves to more entrepreneurial and creative endeavours in fashion and design.

Yesterday began and ended with Victoria. In the train station, early for a Sunday morning, I bought the March issue of ELLE UK with the lady herself on the cover, immediately turning to her article upon finding my seat on the train. In the evening once arriving home, I stalked for the photos of her Autumn/Winter 2013 Ready to Wear collection. Above are my six favourite looks.

I love how she touched on her signature silhouette, the long, fitted pencil dresses that started it all, but has added so much variety into her collections since her first season, which was a presentation of just 10 dresses back in 2009. This season she introduced knits for the first time and had a nice balance of single pieces and separates. Her use of colour this season came in the form of indigo, violet, and a gorgeous butter yellow (which I love), and her outerwear continues to evolve, and was very much menswear inspired this season.

With the likes of Anna Wintour and Suzie Menkes in her front row season after season, it is clear that Victoria is a force in the fashion industry, and I could not be happier for her success as a designer.

Ps. Check out this preview of Victoria’s new website, which launches this spring.
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