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travel lightA long while back, like a few years ago now, I read an article in Time Magazine, a Q&A with Diane Von Furstenburg all about traveling. I’m not sure why, but a quote from it has always stuck with me;

“Travel light, very light, and take things that can work in many ways.
When you figure out how to pack lightly, you figure out how to live lightly.”
Diane Von Furstenburg

Perhaps it has stuck with me because I am actually quite terrible at traveling light. I tend to pack like a crazy hoarder. I just like to have options, you know? Well, this past weekend I took a 3 day trip to Scotland, and I took only a backpack and a small shoulder bag. Let me tell you… it’s true. It makes things beyond easy! Living lightly, as Diane says, is right. Each morning I got up, got ready and headed out with all of my stuff. I never had to worry about getting back to a hotel or hostel in time to pick up a big bag in order to make the next train, I never felt weighed down by luggage, and it was wonderful.

These were my ingredients for a light weekend away: 

Pictured above:
Fur stole – gifted to me
Olive green canvas backpack – Primark £9
Black chain shoulder bag – a good find from a litte shop on Rue de Rivoli in Paris
(this is one of the best bags I own for travel, it’s easy to keep right on your person and underneath the flap, there is a zipper to close the whole bag as well as two more zipped pockets inside to hold your passport, tickets, money etc. Small, but very efficient!)

Not pictured:
Leggings and black pantyhose (layered, they keep you so warm, it’s perfect)
2 warm knit sweaters (one black, one white, both long so they can be worn comfortably with leggings)
2 long black tank tops
Comfy undergarments (this is key – we don’t need any unnecessary discomfort)
Warm wool coat with a big hood
Basic cosmetics & toiletries

Read the Time Magazine article with Diane here:
Fashion on the Fly with Diane Von Furstenburg
Originally published October 22, 2008
(part of Time Magazine’s series entitled World Traveler Tell All)

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