travel essentials: what’s in my carry on

In mere hours I will be boarding a plane for a 7+ hour flight to London, England! Exciting stuff. Being a tad bit OCD, I like to plan and pack very carefully! Generally I tend to pack TOO MUCH, and since my ticket is one way this time, this is especially true. I have, however, been very careful not to over-pack my carry on bag. It’s never fun to have something bulky and cumbersome to deal with on a flight, so I’ve made my best attempt to pack only the essentials…

journal & pen / a favourite book / watch

I love to draw and I love to write things down. Things I see, things I hear people say, my thoughts, inspirations of any sort really, so a pen and my journal are essential. (I mean, is there any better place than the airport to people watch and overhear intriguing conversations!?).

In my opinion, a flight is no place to start a new book. Sometimes it’s difficult to become interested in a new story right away, so I prefer to bring along an old favourite. It’s like a security blanket to me. If you can’t sleep, you can pick it up and read a few pages, start it all over again, or re-read all of the passages you underlined the last time you read it. :)

Keeping your signal switched off is obviously mandatory, but these days with “Airplane Mode” we aren’t required to power them down. In an effort to preserve the battery, and have some technology-free time, I say turn it all the way off. I mean why not? When else do you ever the literally just turn off your phone completely? Wear a watch so you can check the time without checking your phone. It’s really refreshing, trust me.

beauty essentials

I plan to fly with a clean, makeup free face. The recirculated air in planes is blah and dries out my skin. Lathering moisturizer over makeup is a terrible thing to do and really, there is no need to arrive looking haggard with makeup that’s been sitting on your face for 7+ hours. Fly with a clean face and bring along your favourite skincare products to brighten up en route. Apply your makeup before you land or in the bathroom at the airport.

I’m lucky enough to have a stockpile of sample sized luxury skincare products on hand (thanks to a job I recently had!), and I will be bringing along the following:

Le Mer Radiant Serum & Moisturizing Gel Cream
Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage
Jo Malone Orange Blossom Body Crème
Nars Copacabana Illuminator
YSLShocking” Mascara & Nivea Essential Lip Care

laptop / iPod / favourite movie / headphones

When all else fails (sleeping, reading, etc.) these items are very necessary to keep from going stir crazy. Headphones are great too when you have that chatty person next to you who needs to know they can’t talk the whole way there. :)

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