the subtleties of sunlight

It’s been a dark, grey winter and I’ve been feeling it deeply. Serotonin and vitamin D are at an all time low and my energy and motivation are way down there with them.  I’m writing this from my kitchen floor, sitting in a patch of sun near the big south facing window where it is beaming in – a rarity these last few months.

I’ve known for a few years now that the seasons affect me. I’m a morning glory in the spring and summer, easily waking up with the sun to exercise in the park long before the world has started spinning for most. During the winter months when the days are so short, any wake up call before 10am feels insulting and impossible.

This winter the light depravation of the past few months has served as pathetic fallacy for the state of the world, making it all feel a little bit worse.

As with everything though, the lack is what highlights the beauty when it returns.

So this morning, instead of crawling back under the covers, I’m sitting here for a long while. Watching the sunlight dance through the glass knob on top of the coffee percolator and off of the tiny crystals on my necklace. I’m revelling in the warm light on my face. I do not want to move and I’m grateful I don’t have to. Everything I need to do this morning can be accomplished from right here.

Closed eyes. Deep breaths. Sips of hot tea. Spring is coming and it’s all going to be OK.

Photo of me courtesy of Hayley Young, who doesn’t ask questions when I’m sitting on our kitchen floor with my laptop and my eyes closed and says yes when I ask her to snap a pic :)

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