the look for less: victoria beckham

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.23.40 PMLast week Victoria Beckham’s new website,, launched and it does not disappoint. The divine Ms. Beckham designed the site to give visitors a look at her brand through her eyes. Right off the bat, we have the option to shop or look, and I did a bit of both (online window shopping only of course).

During my window shop, I came across this fabulous bag, and realized it bears striking similarity to one I had just recently seen on Zara’s website…

vb vs zaraWhile I do prefer Victoria’s version (top images), the Zara version (bottom images) is pretty great too. The deeper cream colour of the Victoria Beckham bag is lovely, and will keep the bag from showing dirt quite as much. I also love the added details where the straps attach to the bag and the extra long zipper (there’s nothing worse than trying to find something in a big purse and not being able to zip it open all the way). As for the Zara version, I like the option of the added cross body handle that is pictured, and the size zip pocket (always handy for quick access to your iPhone, lip butter and keys!). The price point is where the two cannot be compared; the east west victoria tote retails for £1395, and Zara’s dressy suede bowling bag retails for £59.99.

While I do prefer Victoria’s version, if this look is making it into my closet this season, it will have to be the much more reasonably priced Zara bag that I purchase!

[Image sources: First image, screenshot from, all other images from the respective retail sites which are directly linked to in the above text.]


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