summer spring rolls

I’ve made these a few times over the last couple months. It’s a bit of a process, but very easy, kind of fun and well worth the effort. They’re healthy and really tasty. Great as an appetizer or make lots and have them as your main course. They’re light and fresh and really great to munch on a hot summer day.

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cold, fresh & delicious summer spring rolls

what you need

rice paper
vermicelli rice noodles (cooked and cooled)
spinach (finely chopped)
thai basil (fresh and finely chopped)
cilantro (fresh and finely chopped)
water chestnuts (canned is fine, sliced)
carrots (I like to grate them)
red/yellow/orange bell peppers (finely sliced)
cucumber (sliced into fine strips)
optional: fresh shrimp (cooked, cooled)


When I make these, I like to chop all the ingredients up and cook the noodles, putting everything into bowls on the counter (see left picture) so when I assemble the rolls it is an easy process.

The rice paper is a bit finicky, but it’s easy to get the hang of. It needs to be soaked in warm water in order to become soft and pliable. I like to put some warm water in a frying pan (one that’s big enough for the rice paper to lay flat in) and leave it on the stove burner on the very, very lowest temperature setting. This keeps the water warm through the whole process.

Lay a clean tea towel on the counter. Once the rice paper has been soaked, lay it flat on the tea towel and stack a little bit of each of the ingredients in the very middle of the rice paper. Fold in each side and then wrap it up like a burrito.

Repeat this until you’ve made as many rolls as you’d like or until you run out of ingredients!

These are good dipped in peanut sauce or sweet red chilli sauce. Google some recipes for those if you want to make them yourself, or do what I do and just buy a whole bottle for a few dollars… shhh.

You can add in lots of different ingredients – I’ve made them with other veggies before, this is just how I’ve made them most recently. Chicken breast strips (cooled) are good in these too if you want something a little heartier and aren’t a fan of shrimp. Cold grilled mushrooms are also nice. Play around with it and figure out your favourite flavour combinations.

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