scenes from a perfect saturday

Sometimes the best plan is no plan.
My long weekend was perfect confirmation of exactly that.

Saturday morning started with a text from my friend Kelly at 9:00am…
Kelly: “You around today?”
Me: “I’m downtown, you?”
Kelly: “Yesssssss!!! Do you have plans?!”
Me: “Nope! Not really.”

And thus began the loveliest of Saturdays…

It included homemade brunch (pumpernickel toast with veggie cream cheese with dill, garlic and sun dried tomato scrambled eggs), and then wander through the neighbourhood which involved iced teas and a salted caramel brownie at Mad Dog café, browsing the flower market, wandering along the pretty streets in Riverdale, eating sour keys and a popsicle, and a long talk about life stuff on a bench overlooking the city.

There’s nothing better than sunshine, spring blossoms and quality time with an old friend ♡

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