ripping off the blogging Band-Aid

It’s been a while. A looong, very long while. I’d say life got busy but life is always busy. The truth is that writing and keeping up with this site hasn’t felt like a priority for  quite a while. So long in fact, that a few months back I was considering closing it down entirely. But then I never quite got around to that either and I’m glad I didn’t. So this is me, ripping off the proverbial Band-Aid and getting back at it!

The world feels like a pretty heavy place these days, so it doesn’t always feel quite right to be posting about things like home decor and handbags. But there’s also nothing wrong with a little lighthearted loveliness in the midst of all the serious news.

I’m slowly beginning to feel re-inspired and have been working on giving this space a bit of a facelift as well as brainstorming new content and services to offer.

For the last year or so my aim has been to incorporate more meaning and intention into my life; my goal is to do the same on here going forward.

I hope you’ll stay tuned and join me in discovering what’s to come!

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  1. Dafna says:

    Oh I miss seeing your name hand written! ✏✒❤

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