PROJECT: travel memorabilia shadow box

I’ve spent the last three weeks traveling with my mom and sister. We have seen and done SO MUCH! I’m packing to head to my next destination right now; coming across all of the fun little things I’ve picked up along our way has reminded me of a project I did earlier in the summer…

Any of you who do any traveling will understand how easy it is to accumulate little keepsakes along the way. Pamphlets, museum & gallery tickets, boarding passes, train tickets, etc. and to me, it always seems a bit of a shame to just throw them away. They all add up and create this paper trail of your journey, and that’s kind of amazing. 

After taking an awful lot of train trips in the UK this last year, I have ended up with loads and loads of the orange, black and white train tickets that you get when you travel on the rail system there. Upon returning home and emptying my wallet, I knew I had to do something with them or they would get put into an envelope or a box and buried somewhere to never be seen again.

So here is what I came up with: a shadow box of train tickets! It was inexpensive and super easy to do. I’m really happy with the finished product, and even though I used only 12 of many tickets, I don’t feel like I need to hold on to the rest of them now that I have this.

Read on below for what you need and then click through the gallery below to see all of the how-to steps and the finished product! 

what you need

Shadow box or frame [I used this one from Ikea] / Glue or double sided tape [I tried Elmer’s Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen for this project and it worked really well! It has a thin, precise application tip and the glue is clear, acid-free, photo safe and non toxic.] / Pencil / Measuring tape or ruler [to make sure everything is spaced out properly] / Bristol board / Scissors / Clear tape / The memorabilia you want to display!

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