really tasty potato wedges

greek inspired potato wedges

This recipe is so easy it’s silly, and so tasty you’ll be making it all the time. My mom used to make this recipe to go with barbecued chicken souvlaki skewers and served it all up with Greek salad and tzatziki. You can use this as a recipe for nice soft roasted potatoes, or cut the potatoes into smaller wedges and bake them for a little longer for super tasty potato wedges.


big roasting pan
a bunch of potatoes (bigger ones if you’re making soft roasted potatoes, smaller ones if you want to make the crispier wedges)
olive oil
2 large lemons
3-4 cloves of garlic, crushed or chopped up nice and fine
dried oregano and basil
salt & pepper
tomato juice or V8


Cut up the potatoes according to how you want them roasted. (I suggest halving them or quartering them if you want to make roasted potatoes, and cutting them into smaller wedges if you want crispier baked potato wedges). Put the potato pieces into the large roasting pan. Make sure they are fairly spread out, you don’t want them all on top of each other, especially if you want them a bit crispier.

In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, garlic, spices, salt & pepper and the juice of both the lemons. I like to add a bit of the inside of the lemon as well for some extra zest. Mix this up really, really well and pour the mixture over the potatoes in the roasting pan. Wash your hands well and mix the potatoes around in the roasting pan so they all get nicely coated.

Pour a little bit of tomato juice or V8 into the pan, so that the potatoes are slightly covered and there is a bit of liquid in the bottom of the roasting pan. This keeps them from burning and helps them stay nice and moist.

Bake at about 350. After 30-40 minutes, add a bit more tomato juice or V8 and mix the potatoes around so that they roast evenly. If you’re making the softer version, add a bit more liquid and check again after 20 more minutes. If you want crispier wedges, leave them in for another 30-40 minutes and for the last 5ish minutes turn the heat up on the oven or put them under the broiler. If you do this, be sure to keep your eye on them so that they don’t start to burn.


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