paint and power tools

paint and power tools2Two things my summer was full of: paint and power tools. All of the hard work was worth it. On September 7th I co-hosted “art/furniture” with my friend, the talented artist/photographer Dawn Mossop. The day was more of a success than we ever imagined and we had so much fun!

So this post is a big, BIG thank you to everybody who helped us out and to everybody that took the time that day to come and check out our creations! Check out the gallery below for some pictures from the event. 

Dawn and I both have lots of items available for sale, so keep us in mind when thinking about your upcoming holiday shopping! Feel free to contact either of us directly for more information and watch this space for more info in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. Melissa says:

    It all looks so fantastic! Great job!

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