my talented/amazing/beautiful sister


I’m serious, she is. She edits a magazine and paddles white water from time to time, she’s dabbled in mountain climbing (I’m completely not kidding)… plus, look at that long, naturally blonde mermaid hair. It’s not even fair and I will have major hair envy FOR THE REST OF LIFE.

Anyways. For a while now, she’s been drawing these incredible designs. It all started somewhere in Wyoming with a tank top (I think… I’m still fuzzy on the details) and has continued ever since. There are plenty of sheets of loose leaf paper out in the universe covered with these beauties.

Lately, thanks to a surge of creativity (and long conference calls), she’s been creating these one of a kind, hand drawn greeting cards! They’re stunning. Every time I try to pick a favourite, I can’t. Though I am partial to the one that is currently living on my nightstand.

She’s made quite a few recently and has some for sale :)  Check them out below & send me an email if you’re interested! (And try to pick a favourite. I dare you.)

One of a kind, hand drawn, black ink or marker on white watercolour paper (small size) or card stock (large size). $4 for small (3.4″ x 5″) / $5 for large (5″ x 7″)
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