my idea of rain boots

Every single fall and winter I have the biggest wardrobe struggles surrounding my footwear. Here’s the thing… I seem to despise all boots and shoes that have any chance of actually keeping my feet dry. Honestly. Rubber boots are not something I feel good about, even the “cute” ones and, although I own a pair, it is beyond rare for me to actually wear them. I certainly hate wet feet, but that seems to be the option I choose more often than not. I also happen to be a big fan of suede boots, a terrible option in the wet weather, and any of the appealing leather boots that I am attracted to seem to be so far out of my price range they are just not an option… but here they are anyways. They’re all just a little bit impractical (of course), but just so, so nice.rainboots

 Left: These tall, black leather Christian Louboutin Zepita 85 wedge boots are perfection, if you ask me. The wedge heels make them semi-reasonable for the wet and slippery weather, black goes with everything and they’re tall, which means you can totally wear those warm cozy socks you love inside of them! [$1,895 at]

Top: These black Burberry Prorsum leather ankle boots are classic. The heels and 1″ platform will keep your feet out of the puddles for sure. [$795 at]

Bottom: These Jil Sander leather wedge ankle boots are likely the most practical of the bunch (thanks to the rubber sole). Pair these with cozy leggings, a long sweater and an umbrella, you’re all set to venture out into the elements.

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