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I’ve got a few projects on the go right now, and this one was quick and easy to complete! I’ve lived in my current apartment for about four months now and have been waiting to find the perfect stools for at my little breakfast bar. After debating these ones from Target for about two months (literally), I decided against them. They were the exact look I was after but not great quality… and at $129 for a pair, it didn’t seem worth it.

The search for the perfect stools was not going anywhere until a couple weeks ago when my mom found a pair of bar stools in our friend’s thrift store for $5 each. She sent me a picture, I told her YES get them, and two days later they were sitting in my apartment waiting for a makeover. They weren’t in excellent shape – some scratches etc. here and there and are a wee bit taller than I imagined, but they are sturdy and cost $10 ($19.25 if you include the cost of the paint) and therefore they are perfect. I primed, painted and Varathane’d them over a couple of days, and voilà!

I used Benjamin Moore’s Lime Sorbet [2032-70] to paint them this lovely light green (which stands out nicely with the white brick walls and natural wood in my place), and used water based Varathane in a satin finish for the top coat.
[Tip: when using Varathane over paint, always use a water based product. Oil based ones will yellow over time.]

Check out some more photos below
(click on any of them to open the gallery)
including a before & after shot and the images I got my inspiration from!

 IMAGE SOURCES: Images taken & edited by Heather Elizabeth | Pinterest image 1 from Domaine Home | Pinterest image 2 from Made from Scratch

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