inspiration overload: Ricardo Bofill’s La Fábrica

La Fabrica Ricardo Bofill

Every now and then something on the Internet blows me away. It’s rare these days with sooo much content being created and shared every single minute, so when it happens it really hits me. Such was the case last night when my friend’s sister shared an article about architect Ricardo Bofill’s lifetime project, La Fábrica.

He acquired the abandoned factory, which dates back to the first period of industrialization in the area (Catalonia, Spain) in the early 70’s and has spent a lifetime making it into a work of art.

Seduced by the contradictions and the ambiguity of the place, we quickly decided to retain the factory, and modifying its original brutality, sculpt it like a work of art.

The result proves that form and function must be dissociated; in this case, the function did not create the form; instead, it has been shown that any space can be allocated whatever use the architect chooses, if he or she is sufficiently skilful.

Presently I live and work here better than anywhere else. It is for me the only place where I can concentrate and associate ideas in the most abstract manner.

I have the impression of living in a precinct, in a closed universe which protects me from the outside and everyday life. The Cement Factory is a place of work par excellence. Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure.




the subtleties of sunlight

It’s been a dark, grey winter and I’ve been feeling it deeply. Serotonin and vitamin D are at an all time low and my energy and motivation are way down there with them.  I’m writing this from my kitchen floor, sitting in a patch of sun near the big south facing window where it is beaming in – a rarity these last few months.

I’ve known for a few years now that the seasons affect me. I’m a morning glory in the spring and summer, easily waking up with the sun to exercise in the park long before the world has started spinning for most. During the winter months when the days are so short, any wake up call before 10am feels insulting and impossible.

This winter the light depravation of the past few months has served as pathetic fallacy for the state of the world, making it all feel a little bit worse.

As with everything though, the lack is what highlights the beauty when it returns.

So this morning, instead of crawling back under the covers, I’m sitting here for a long while. Watching the sunlight dance through the glass knob on top of the coffee percolator and off of the tiny crystals on my necklace. I’m revelling in the warm light on my face. I do not want to move and I’m grateful I don’t have to. Everything I need to do this morning can be accomplished from right here.

Closed eyes. Deep breaths. Sips of hot tea. Spring is coming and it’s all going to be OK.

Photo of me courtesy of Hayley Young, who doesn’t ask questions when I’m sitting on our kitchen floor with my laptop and my eyes closed and says yes when I ask her to snap a pic :)

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get involved: support transgender rights

It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s spread some love by supporting the transgender community in this beautiful country of ours. Bill C-16 is an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. On February 9th, there was a second reading of Bill C-16 in the Canadian Senate.

Here’s a little bit more about Bill C-16:

This enactment amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.

The enactment also amends the Criminal Code to extend the protection against hate propaganda set out in that Act to any section of the public that is distinguished by gender identity or expression and to clearly set out that evidence that an offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on gender identity or expression constitutes an aggravating circumstance that a court must take into consideration when it imposes a sentence.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

This is a super important step toward equal rights for transgender individuals and it’s really easy to get involved. Below is an email template – copy and paste, edit it as you please and send it to the email list (also below). Copy and paste the emails into the BCC box, sign your name and hit send. It will only take you a few minutes.

BILL C-16 – Email template

Email addresses for Canadian senators


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east end gem: De La Mer Fish Market

I’ve lived in the east end of Toronto for the past three years and it’s safe to say I’m not moving west anytime soon. I love love LOVE the east side for so many reasons – one big one being that I can go across the street in sweatpants and unattractive footwear to buy toilet paper without judgement (you can’t say that about Liberty Village now can you?). That aside, there is a plethora of WONDERFUL local businesses just about everywhere you turn. I’ve decided to start featuring some of my favourites here, starting with a wonderful fish market on the Danforth!

De La Mer is a completely charming fish market with three locations in the city. I had the pleasure of stumbling into their Danforth location in January to pick up some fresh fish while I was doing my annual detox cleanse.

The store is well designed and adorable (which I’m obviously a huge fan of) the fish is fresh and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable.

I went home with two large tilapia fillets and a salmon fillet big enough for two meals for around $23. They even threw in a lemon and some fresh dill for good measure! All I needed when I went to bake the fish was a bit of garlic butter and my favourite Himalayan Pink Salt!

They have a great selection of fish, seafood, sauces and even house made spreads, which I will be going back to get very soon now that I’m not cleansing.

I love that they place a focus on knowledge and are happy to educate their customers about everything from sustainable practices to how their fish are caught/raised and where they are from. Sustainable food is so incredibly important and I appreciate businesses that understand and promote this.

I highly recommend checking them out on the Danforth if you’re east, or at their other locations – Roncesvalles if you’re west, Bayview if you’re north!


photos via

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a few favourites from IDS Toronto 2017

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Interior Design Show here in Toronto on behalf of The Creators Commune! I attended the opening party for IDS 2016 a year prior, so I had a good grasp on what I was in for: an overwhelming amount of visual inspiration.

There’s no way to absorb it all so I went in with a few things in mind that I wanted to pay attention for: colour, interesting art and eco friendly design/products. I was thrilled to find plenty of all three and am excited to share some of my favourites with you here:

PI Fine Art

Based in Toronto and originally named Posters International, this art publishing house has been doing well at what they do since 1976. Their website showcases a huge offering of prints, limited edition prints and posters. They also offer custom created art and have an expert team that includes an art director, graphic and visual artists.

With a small booth at the back of the show, this gorgeous custom printed wall covering and trio of prints caught my eye and drew me right in.

PI Fine Art


Produits Neptune

This booth caught my eye because a) their products are beautiful and b) they proudly showcased their environmental initiatives.

Produits Neptune offers “Canada-made bathroom products—bathtubs, showers, glass doors, sinks, toilets and faucets [and are t]he first company in North America to earn certification ECORESPONSIBLE.”

You can read more about their environmental initiatives and commitment to sustainable development on their website here:
[photo via]

DXV American Standard

This was by far my favourite exhibitor this year. These bathroom vignettes were designed by Beth and Carolina of Pulp Design Studios and have everything that I love and long for in a bathroom: gorgeous stone, a luxurious tub, a fireplace, great wall paper and art in shades of green with accessories adding pops of gold and fuchsia. THE BEST. I was tempted to stay and make myself at home.

Stay tuned for some more of my IDS favourites over the next few weeks!