just go.

just gowanderlust: (noun) a great desire to travel and rove about.

just go. travel. adventure.
take so many pictures.
absorb the atmosphere surrounding you.
be a tourist. be a traveler.
find the local spots. leave the beaten path.
be alone. make new friends. talk about life with a stranger.
take the train. fly in a plane. walk. run. jump.
sleep. and wake up in a new city.
eat the local dishes.
reflect. love. live.
get lost. find your way again.
smile. laugh. cry.
turn your face to the sun and absorb the heat.
marvel at the architecture and art.
trip on the cobblestone streets.
find the ocean. feel the sand beneath your feet.



[All images taken & edited by me. All photos are property of bestofher.com and it’s owner. Please do not repost or reproduce without proper credit or permissions.]

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