it’s been a while

uniqfind marble laptop case, chapters indigo, porter magazine20 days to be exact… which is much too long to go without posting anything on here. It’s about making time, I know that… but also, to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to find the desire to sit down and write about frivolous, lighthearted things when there are people being shot in South Carolina or terrorist attacks happening in Tunisia. The world feels like a big, scary place some days. But then there are wonderful things happening too, like the US Supreme court ruling on same-sex marriages (FINALLY!) and an inspiring group of Dutch citizens suing their government (and winning!) over inaction on climate change.

So here I am, on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon in June, feeling grateful for my cozy, safe life. I’m sitting in bed wearing my cozy Everlane cashmere hoodie, ready to catch up on my magazine reading, blog writing, and trying to figure out how to get like, 12 million dollars to save my family’s farm (I’m not even kidding). There will be candy eating and a few episodes of Friends will likely be watched at some point too!


Marble laptop skin by UNIQFIND
(who, I have a feeling, are based in Toronto!) – they also have an iPhone case like this, and notebooks! which are now both on my wish list

Spiral bound journal & Watercolour print stationary
by Chapters Indigo

PORTER Magazine

Colourful, cute highlighters from Just You – Sarah & Tom
in Koreatown (Bloor Street West, Toronto)

the Sour Straps candies were devoured immediately after this photograph was taken. 

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