it just is, and that’s why I love it.


I have always said Paris is the vainest city I have ever been in. Rome is beautiful, but they make too much fuss about it, gladiators run the streets, it yells and yells, “look at me”. New York is of course lovely, but it is beauty with purpose, or within purpose. New York is more about what it stands for than what it is. London is great but lacks the magic and drama to be truly great. Tokyo, though I have never been, is to be admired more than loved.

You see Paris’ beauty doesn’t have much purpose, it doesn’t stand for anything or with anything. It just is, and that’s why I love it. It’s a wonderful day in the middle of the week, a beautiful girl who gets complimented so thanks you for it perfectly or a moment of greatness when nobody is watching.

It’s not showing off exactly, this is just what it is.

via @jamesnord on tumblr: highlighted life

Photograph taken & edited by Heather [Paris, 02.23.2015] // text by James Nord.

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