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interior detailsAs much as I love fashion, I also really, really love interior decorating and design. I love making spaces my own, wherever I happen to be living or staying for a while. It’s amazing how far a few personal touches can go.  If you can forgive the terrible pictures above, (I took & edited them a long while ago before I had the hang of the whole process), you can see a few of the ways I made my former apartment back in Toronto a little more homey.

I love gallery walls. This was my first attempt at one, and with a little bit of Googling on how-to, I think it came out pretty well. The images were all from various editorials and online image banks, but when I do this again I will definitely use my own photographs, and bigger images/frames.

The bookcase at the end of my bed was filled with framed photos of friends and family, as well as some favourite magazine editorial images in simple glass frames hanging above the shelf on the wall. Favourite books and seemingly endless copies of Vogue fill the bottom part of the shelf (not pictured), and a decorative dress form, candles and a few more personal knick-knacks provide the finishing touches.

My ballerina statue (inexpensive from Ikea! believe it or not), sat on my window sill and the black and cream printed throw rug (from Urban Outfitters a few years ago) added a little bit of interest and excitement to the upstairs hallway.

After all of this interior talk, I kind of can’t wait to have another space to decorate!

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