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It’s no secret that I simply adore Instagram. So I thought it was about time I share some of my very favourite Instagrammers. I like to follow all sorts of different people. My friends, of course, but I love using Instagram to connect with talented photographers from all over the world. There is truly so much beauty out there and I feel lucky to be able to see it every day by simply picking up my phone.

I have carefully curated my “Following” list on Instagram. I love great photography and unique perspectives.  These three Instagrammers are some of my favourites…


He lives in Paris and takes incredible photographs. Enough said. I love Paris, with every last bit of me. His daily photographs give me a glimpse the beautiful place I can never get enough of. His unique perspectives always impress me. And as if Paris isn’t wonderful enough, he takes amazing trips to beautiful places and shares those photographs too.


She’s one of the first people I started following a few years back. Her photography is incredible. I visit her website sometimes just to get more of it (her Destinations page is my favourite…). She’s from Gothenburg, Sweden and currently on a whirlwind adventure, traveling around the United States and Central America. Her photographs seriously blow me away. She has such an inspiring perspective.


I have only recently started following this lovely account and it was love at first sight. Her style is simple; she shares simple photographs of lovely every day things and has an appreciation for negative space in her compositions (which I love). These pictures remind me to look for the beautiful little things in every day life. There are a lot more than we realize… and that’s what life is about isn’t it? It’s the little things.

So, here you have it – my three must follow Instagram accounts!
Now go.
Follow, follow, follow.

And while you’re at it, if you don’t already… follow out my feed:


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