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mm lafleur 4-1
My personal favourites: the Lydia, the Sophia, the Niko and the Sarah

When you arrive at www.mmlafleur.com you’re instantly transported into amazing-ness.
M.M. LAFLEUR introduces itself so well; I’m not going to mess around with their words:

We were born out of a simple ethos: to create beautiful clothing for the purposeful woman.
Luxury fashion meets the real needs of professional women.
We use only the best fabrics from Italy & Japan, and make everything in New York City.
Au revoir pantsuit. Hello: M.M. LAFLEUR

Hello is right. This brand is everything when it comes to stylish professional attire. Having worked in the corporate world for 6 years, I know the challenges of curating an appropriate, professional work wardrobe that doesn’t entirely compromise my personal style. M.M. LAFLEUR is the answer to all of these problems. No, seriously. I mean it. The cut of each piece is well thought out and flattering, the colour options are rich and gorgeous, and the “V’s are never too low and the slits are never too high.” There’s nothing worse than running around at work all day or walking into a meeting and questioning the outfit you left the house in, (I’ve been there. It’s stressful.)  And as if it couldn’t get any better, their online shop is designed for you to try on their dresses before making a decision… they’ll send you four dresses and you have seven days to try them on and decide what you want, eliminating that massive frustration of ordering something online that seems perfect and turns out to be everything but.

Their website is a wonderland of gorgeous dresses and incredible inspiration… I highly recommend checking out the Style & Substance and Watch Our Story videos (click there for the direct links), as well as their blog, The Amperstand, which is dedicated to the women who inspire their brand and well worth a read.

[Image source: M.M. LAFLEUR.com, all images and above quotations are property of M.M. LAFLEUR]

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