hello best friend

ello best friend

The Internet has informed me that today, June 8th, is National Best Friend Day. I believe last week the Internet celebrated International Doughnut Day, so… while I recognize that these things don’t necessarily carry a whole lot of weight, I’m going to go ahead, jump on the bandwagon and use this as an excuse to throw some Internet PDA around and love up my besties.

These are the women who I do not wish to live without. We laugh and we cry. We wear ridiculous sunglasses to take selfies and tape cucumbers to our faces in preparation for fancy black tie events. We’ve traveled Italy and New York, Portugal and LIFE together. We drink tea when we’re sad and tequila when we’re angry. We take absurd, professional photographs wearing fluffy dresses whilst perched atop a hay bale. We’ve shared apartments and clothes, our secrets and our souls.

Thank you all for being the best of the best, you know who you are.

DISCLAIMER: Post title stolen from my latest OBSESSION (thank you for the introduction sister), www.hellobestfriend.com – it is only with a true soul mate that you can do deeply pointless things and have such a blast.

Watch and laugh. You’re welcome.

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