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I’m pleased to introduce a new weekly feature here on the blog!
Joining my Wednesday regular “Midweek Motivation” will be “Five Favourites” every Friday!

I thought I would start off with five of my favourite websites.
“Blog” isn’t quite enough to describe some of these spaces on the web. Read on and click through to each of them to see why I love them so much!

  1. Elephant Journal

    I’m on here every day. That is no exaggeration. There is so much inspiration and motivation to be found here that it is impossible to stay away. Their compilation of articles written by a variety of different individuals on a wide range of relevant, real topics means there is something for everyone. Their writers are open, honest and say what they’re thinking. (PS. It’s well worth the $13/year subscription. You can read two articles per day for free, but trust me, you’ll soon realize that two isn’t enough!)

  2. Levo League

    Another daily online destination for me. Levo League is a “community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed.” This is a great space to go for career advice and general life inspiration. You can sign up for free. I was initially introduced to Levo League on Twitter & began following them immediately. Their weekly Office Hours feature is incredible – a live video Q&A session with extraordinary leaders from all different fields (if you can’t watch, you can follow along on Twitter). The articles are down to earth, honest and full of passion. Their book recommendations have yet to fail me and to top it all off, they just launched their first mobile app… a resumé builder. Create your resumé (different versions of it even!) while on the go, and export as a PDF. How amazing is that?

  3. Jezebel

    You can’t beat their humorous take on just about anything – literally anything, from their thoughts on the latest episode of Scandal to the politics of same sex marriage in the United States. They talk about it all. Irreverently. It’s fantastic.

  4. The Edit by Net-A-Porter

    Weekly style inspiration from the world’s leading online luxury retailer. Need I say more? The content is fresh and the clothes are amazing. They always have a great piece on an inspiring designer or stylish celebrity and the clothes… did I mention the clothes?

  5. Red Carpet Fashion Awards

    Your daily source for all things fashion, red carpet and otherwise. Founder & editor Catherine Kallon is a fashion guru. She has a serious knack for knowing who designed the dress, shoes and handbag faster than any of us can Google it. I’ve been following her blog for years and she always gets it right. 

What are some of your favourite places on the web?
Share them with me in the comments below!

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