five favourites: iPhone apps

Last week I wrote about my five favourite websites, ones that I visit just about every day. This week I’m going share my five favourite iPhone apps. It’s insane how much we are able to do on our phones these days! These are five apps that I currently can’t do without.

  1. Afterlight

    I’ve been a big, BIG fan of this app since it’s early days. I edit all of the photos I take with my iPhone on here. It has everything you need. You can crop, straighten, adjust exposure, add filters and textures, etc. etc. etc. It’s awesome. Afterlight has 27 original filters and 13 guest filters created by various Instagram users, how cool is that? Everything I post on Insta has been put through Afterlight’s magic first. I highly recommend spending the 99 cents, your photos will look awesome and it’s super fun to experiment with all the different features & filters!

  2. Wunderlist

    A friend introduced me to Wunderlist a while back. It is the best way to keep yourself organized. Create your weekly grocery list, keep track of current projects you have on the go, even create a list of recurring to-do’s, such as list of your monthly bills. You can set reminders and due dates for everything, set up email reminders, share your lists with other people who need to be in the know and you can even print a hard copy of your lists right from the app.

  3. Duolingo

    I’m new to Duolingo but I am telling everyone I can about it. As someone who has always aspired to learn a second language (always, as in, ever since I realized I probably should have tried harder in grade 10 French), this is the app to get me started. It’s free to download and actually pretty fun. There are different lessons and exercises. You learn to read, write and even speak the language! Part of each lesson has a speaking exercise and if your pronunciation is off (yes, you actually speak into your phone!) it speaks the correct pronunciation back and gets you to try again. I’m on my second week of French exercises and so far, so good! If you’re not into French, you can choose to learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German or English!

  4. Couch to 5K

    As someone who isn’t always motivated when it comes to cardio, this is great. Download the app, sync your workout playlist and off you go. This training app will tell you when to walk and when to jog for the duration of your 30 minute workout. If you can commit to 30 minutes, three times per week, you’ll be running 5k in 9 weeks time.

  5. Lift

    Trying to develop a new habit or accomplish a goal? Add it to your Lift list and every time you do it, check it off in the app. Here are the habits on my list right now: Exercise, meditate, practice yoga, write and finish reading a book. When you need a little extra encouragement or motivation, just check out what you’ve already accomplished and you’ll feel inspired to keep going.


What are some of your favourite apps?
Share them in the comments below!


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