east end gem: De La Mer Fish Market

I’ve lived in the east end of Toronto for the past three years and it’s safe to say I’m not moving west anytime soon. I love love LOVE the east side for so many reasons – one big one being that I can go across the street in sweatpants and unattractive footwear to buy toilet paper without judgement (you can’t say that about Liberty Village now can you?). That aside, there is a plethora of WONDERFUL local businesses just about everywhere you turn. I’ve decided to start featuring some of my favourites here, starting with a wonderful fish market on the Danforth!

De La Mer is a completely charming fish market with three locations in the city. I had the pleasure of stumbling into their Danforth location in January to pick up some fresh fish while I was doing my annual detox cleanse.

The store is well designed and adorable (which I’m obviously a huge fan of) the fish is fresh and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable.

I went home with two large tilapia fillets and a salmon fillet big enough for two meals for around $23. They even threw in a lemon and some fresh dill for good measure! All I needed when I went to bake the fish was a bit of garlic butter and my favourite Himalayan Pink Salt!

They have a great selection of fish, seafood, sauces and even house made spreads, which I will be going back to get very soon now that I’m not cleansing.

I love that they place a focus on knowledge and are happy to educate their customers about everything from sustainable practices to how their fish are caught/raised and where they are from. Sustainable food is so incredibly important and I appreciate businesses that understand and promote this.

I highly recommend checking them out on the Danforth if you’re east, or at their other locations – Roncesvalles if you’re west, Bayview if you’re north!


photos via www.delamer.ca/photo-gallery/

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