read this if you don’t want to smell (the all natural way)


So, a little while back, after reading an article about all of the terrible chemicals that are in our every day skin care and deodorant products, I went on a mission to find an effective, natural deodorant.

I’ve been using men’s deodorant for years, instead of women’s antiperspirant, which contains aluminum… but this article made me want to stop using that too.

Why did this article insight so much passion in me? Well, I read it while my Opa was recovering from breast cancer surgery, and the article detailed all of these known cancer causing chemicals that are in deodorant. It also pointed out the fact that we literally rub the stuff right near our breasts every. single. day. Full disclosure: there are no medical/scientific studies that prove there is a link between these products and breast cancer. But the substances in it ARE known to be cancer causing so, why risk it?

Thus began the great deodorant experiment of 2014/2015.

I started with Tom’s brand. The lable claims it is “Long Lasting” and “Clinically Proven”. It had a lemongrass scent to it (not really my thing), but it smelled better than no deodorant at all. I found it helped, but had to be applied OFTEN throughout the day.

Then I tried two other brands Jãsön and Lãfes, which both had Lavender scent options (my favourite). These were not good. One was super sticky and weird and the other one smells good but then seemed to make me smell worse once I’d been wearing it for an hour or so. Ick.

SO, alas… I gave in and tried the Crystal. I’ve made a LOT of fun of this very product. I saw it in my dad’s bathroom once and thought it was absolutely the most ridiculous thing of all time. But then there I was, in Shoppers Drug Mart, debating a return to Old Spice, and thought, ok whatever, why not try the stupid Crystal stick.

Well, it works. I’m a convert. It somehow miraculously keeps you from smelling. It’s crazy. I don’t understand it. I truly don’t. But it does. It doesn’t stop you from sweating, which I’m ok with. But you don’t smell. You literally do not smell. I apply it right after a shower… and by apply, I mean, I rub the smooth rock on my damp armpits, and that’s it. If I put it on at another time, I just run it under a bit of warm water and rub it on my dry skin.

I’ve successfully converted both my mother and my roommate to the Crystal, and am currently working on my sister and two of my girlfriends (ahemmm, Kait & Alicia). The deal is: if they try it and it doesn’t work, I will personally reimburse them for the cost of it. For real.

Now to mention those two little pots on the right side of the picture. Love Fresh is a Toronto based company that makes all natural skin care products. Their stuff is GREAT. I’ve been using their sugar scrub for a while, and recently have become a big fan of their natural deodorants. These are a little different, as you have to rub it on with your hands. But they also work really well. I tend to use them in combination with the Crystal. The Lavender & Tea Tree and Moroccan Rose scents are my favourite. I’ve got my mom and sister using these too. SO good, and no chemicals!

Time to convert people, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Stacey Davis says:

    thank you so much for the lovely blog post:) love how you are trying to convert your friends!!!! healthy pits, healthy life.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for checking out my post Stacey! And for the incredible products you’ve created. They’re divine and I love knowing that I’m using safe, all natural products on my skin :)

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