dear joe fresh: what gives?


I have loved Joe Fresh since day one. I really have. It’s a Canadian company and it is accessible fashion. Their runway shows at Toronto Fashion Week make me feel like maybe I’m in New York (if only for a moment), and the clothes are just generally pretty great.

On my recent trip to New York City I went into the massive Joe Fresh store on Fifth Avenue in midtown. For a moment I wondered if I’d stepped into one of the designer boutiques next door. The store is absolutely stunning, not to mention massive. In short order, I had an armful of reasonably priced clothes and was headed to the second floor fitting rooms, picking up another couple of dresses and a pair of fun shoes before reaching my destination.

The conversation we had with the fitting room attendant was hilarious. He asked us where we were from and upon learning we were Canadian he asked why on earth we were in New York and shopping at Joe Fresh since we “invented it!”?

Well the fact of the matter is this: Joe Fresh in New York is farrrrr superior to Joe Fresh here at home. And this makes me sad. Yesterday I went to look for one of the dresses I had tried on but left behind in New York and it was no where to be found. Neither were any of the other items I had liked, tried on or bought in the 510 Fifth Avenue shop.
And they’re not online either, trust me, I’ve checked. Three times.

So Joe Fresh… Can you step up your game here in Canada?
You have lots of fans and avid shoppers here too, I promise.


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