currently obsessed with: delicate gold

delicate_goldI’m really loving delicate gold jewelry these days. It’s so wearable. With anything. And you can wear loads of it without it being terribly over the top. Layering these delicate gold necklaces is a simple, understated way to add some glamour to any outfit, and slipping a few of these simple, thin rings on is a nice way to add some interest to your outfits without overshadowing your usual accessories.

Right now I’m wearing the Geo High/Low Necklace by Urban Outfitters [pictured middle left], and the Hammered Arrow Ring Set from Forever 21 [pictured bottom right].

Some of my other favourites right now are the Delicate V Necklace by Urban Outfitters [pictured top right], Delicate Stone Necklace by Urban Outfitters [pictured bottom middle],  Little Arrow Ring by Urban Outfitters [pictured top left], Tiny Stone Midi Ring by Urban Outfitters [pictured bottom left], Triangular Midi Ring by Urban Outfitters [pictured middle right].

Check out the gallery below to see how some of my favourite fashion bloggers are wearing these delicate pieces right now!

[Image sources:,, & – specific links given in captions.]

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