coconut oil for your skin, argan oil for your hair.

coconut_arganUp until recently I was all about putting coconut oil in my hair. Having bleached all the life out of my hair, I was trying my best to treat it with a lot of tender love and care. Little did I know, I wasn’t really doing that at all. Upon going to see my long time hair dresser Lisa (I love her, she undertands what “just a trim” means to me), for a consultation (as in, my hair is white and dead and now I don’t know what to do so please help me!), she informed me that coconut oil is essentially useless for hair. The molecules that make up coconut oil are too big to be absorbed by hair fibres. So basically what happens is it sits ON your hair, but doesn’t actually soak in and nourish it. Argan oil, on the other hand, is amazing for your hair and goes a long way to repair damage and restore your hair to a healthier state. Thankfully I had picked up some pure argan oil while in Morocco (that’s often where it comes from!), and was able to make the switch. It really does work, my hair feels a whole lot better. I recommend putting a bit on while your hair is wet (this is when your hair is most vulnerable & weak), or using it as an oil mask (as in, putting it on before bed or yoga class and leaving it in there for the night, or at least a few hours). Basically just use it as much as humanly possible and wonderful things will begin to happen when it comes to your hair.
[Important to note: Find actual argan oil, NOT Moroccan Oil. Two different things. And despite the popularity of Moroccan Oil, argan oil is much better for your hair, and usually a LOT cheaper.]

While this new information was wildly disappointing since I love coconut oil, my love affair with it has not ended. It is the one and only moisturizer I use. All over my body. Face, arms, legs, etc., after every shower. Buy it organic. There’s not a bad thing in there. No more reading labels to make sure there are no parabens in your body lotion (a substance linked to cancer, read up!). Sure, you’re a bit greasy for a few minutes, but just wrap yourself in a towel and dry your hair while it soaks in!

Happy hair, happy skin! xo


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2 Responses to coconut oil for your skin, argan oil for your hair.

  1. sarah says:

    These sound like great suggestions! Assuming one is not going to morocco any time soon, have you found any local shops that have pure argan oil?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Sarah :)
      Yes – it’s pretty easy to find actually. Any natural food/natural medicine store should have it! Just make sure it is 100% pure argan oil, not anything with other ingredients. You can probably find it online too, Amazon has everything these days.

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