brunette to blonde… just because

brunette to blondeSo about a week ago, for no real reason at all, I decided it would be a fun idea to go blonde. I mean, why not? After many, many hours in the hair salon, spread over three appointments, blonde it is. It’s a drastic change, that’s for sure. The adjustments are pretty major! I’m still not past the phase of thinking I can only wear black… it’s like nothing else matches or something!? (completely ridiculous, I know.) Make up is a whole new adventure, (too much bronze + blonde is not a cute look) and purple shampoo is an absolute must.  The best (and also worst) thing is how dry my hair is. As someone with completely straight and annoyingly slippery hair, I am loving what I can do now that my hair has bleach damage! It actually holds a curl now, and that is just the best. Deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis will definitely continue to be a must until further notice.

I won’t be a blondie for forever, I’m definitely brunette at heart. But I’ll be taking advantage of all that fun blondes get to have for a little while, that’s for sure ;-) …like I said, why not?

Ps. How cute is that kitten!?

[Photo on the left taken by my dear friend Alexander Brown / edited by me. Photo on the right, taken & edited by me.]

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  1. Kimmy says:

    Lol – your comment about wearing black made me giggle and reminded me of when I told you that I couldn’t wear all black because I could never find blacks that matched – which you still make fun of me I’m sure!

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