and on mondays we drink whisky


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of spending a Monday evening with my aunt at Soho House in Toronto… drinking whisky. Yep, whisky (I’m spelling it the Canadian way)… whisky and bourbon. These have never been my liquors of choice, ever. (I mean, I may vaguely recall choking down some Jack Daniel’s or Canadian Club back in the day at high school house parties… but I admit to nothing.) It was interesting to discover that I could actually enjoy the flavours, and not feel like I was drinking paint thinner.

I won’t go on and on, because, well… after tasting like, 6 types of whisky and bourbon the night got a tad hazy. In the fun way. I did learn (and remember) a couple of things though:

1) Why a Manhattan is called a Manhattan: It’s two parts whiskey, one part vermouth and two dashes of bitters… 212. Which is the area code in Manhattan!

2) Expensive booze tastes better.

3) Lighting a stick of cinnamon on fire and using it to smoke the inside of your glass before pouring a drink makes expensive booze taste even better.

Important life lessons people.
Cheers :) & Happy Monday!

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