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Best of Her is an online creative outlet, blog and portfolio. I use this space online to feature what it is that I’m busy with; anything from traveling to refinishing furniture to shopping for the right pair of winter boots or chronicling my journey to become more politically literate. Take a look around, there’s a little something for everybody.

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Travel lover, photography amateur. Nature, design and fashion to stay inspired, yoga and boxing to stay fit. Nothing beats good friends, good food, good books and good shoes. Not afraid of power tools.



Oma and I
Oma and I

Ever since I was a little girl, my Oma has been one of the most important people in my life. She nicknamed me Smurf before I was even born and she would look after my sister and I every Wednesday when my mom went to work. She played ‘Little House on the Prairie’ with us for hours and let us set up a shop of our potions – otherwise known as glass jars full of water and various food colouring combinations – in her kitchen. She and my Opa were loyal customers. We would play dress up in her vintage costume jewelry and pretend to be fancy for a while. On one occasion, while pretending to be our favourite Spice Girls, we actually managed to dress her up as ‘Scary Spice’ (she’s that awesome).

As I’ve grown up she has shared pieces of her incredible story, and her incredible sewing skills, with me… It started young. At age four I insisted on having a pink, purple and blue flower girl dress for a family wedding; I picked the floral fabric and she did the sewing. She shared tales of her childhood in Indonesia while we picked out a pattern for my bubble gum pink, cap-sleeved grade eight graduation gown. Discussions of a summer riding on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle across Europe happened while creating a chocolate brown a-symmetrical cocktail dress for semi-formal. Tales of New York City in the sixties were shared while concocting a fitted, backless champagne coloured satin gown for prom. The woman designed her own clothes and sewed her own wedding dress; I was in good hands.

She nurtured my creativity and imagination from such a young age. I wouldn’t be close to where I am or who I am today without her kindness, generosity, inspiration and love. Best of Her is an ode to this very special lady, known to me as Oma. Her name is Elizabeth Roberts, and my name is Heather Elizabeth; when you put us together you get Heather Elizabeth Roberts, HER. Welcome to Best of Her.

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