a worthwhile splurge

everlane cashmere

Every now and then it’s good to give your credit card some exercise, right? I did just that with some late night online shopping one night last weekend and this HEAVENLY garment, The Cashmere Hoodie by Everlane, arrived today :)

I found out about Everlane quite a while ago when a friend of mine started working there. I immediately loved the clothes. They’re the epitome of sophisticated basics (my favourite). And fell in love even more with their commitment to radical transparency. Their philosophy is this:

Know your factories. Know your costs.
Always ask why.

When you shop on their site, you can see how much everything costs: materials, labour, duties and transportation. They tell you the true cost and Everlane’s price vs. the traditional retail price of each item. The markup on my cashmere hoody? Less than 50%. Pretty amazing, right?

The best part of their website is the Factories page. You can see where each and every item available on their website is made. They have detailed profiles of each of the factories and which garments are made in each. You can read about where your garment has been produced, what the factory is like and have confidence that what you are purchasing has been manufactured with integrity. Their are beautiful photographs of the manufacturing facilities and it’s pretty incredible to see where such beautiful clothes are made.

Quality, style and ethics. Everlane, you’re great :)

Click here to shop you’re heart out!
(I’m super into the new linen tees.)

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