a note on creativity…

Treat it like a 9-5 job… If you have a job, you just go and do it. My view is that writers/creatives/artists can’t really afford to allow themselves what’s called “creative temperment”

I don’t think you can really afford to wait for genius to descend or inspiration to descend. You have to just sit there and make yourself do it.

Over the years, that is a discipline that I really have developed. I can sit down at my desk everyday and do my days work and just not give myself permission not to do it.  Once your mind understands that it has no excuses, it’s remarkable how it begins to play along, you know, and do its job.

– Salaman Rushdie
[via Harvard Business Rewview’s weekly podcast, HBR IdeaCast. Episode 418 – Aug. 20, 2015]

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