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clutchsquareI’ve been so bored of my wardrobe lately… it’s that end-of-the-winter, seasonal blah that I seem to get with every change of season, you know… when you’ve been wearing the same pieces for the last few months, and no matter how great they are, you just get sick of ’em!

It’s a good time to browse the sale racks, as a lot of stuff that’s still in season, weather wise, is last season fashion wise, and you can get some great deals. It’s also a good time to spend a little bit of your money on some fun accessories that you can wear now and for seasons to come. That’s exactly what I did last weekend. I found this faux snakeskin envelope clutch, cocktail ring and matching earrings for £10 in total!

I’ve been using the clutch non-stop (it goes into my bigger purse or gym bag during the week for work), and it’s perfect for afternoon coffee, or an evening out. It’s big enough to hold everything you need and even a little extra! As for the jewelry, I think it’s always fun to pick up inexpensive pieces like this, even if you only wear them now and then!

Faux Snakeskin Envelope Clutch: £6 at Primark
Cocktail Ring: £2.50 at Primark | Earrings: £1.50 at Primark

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